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Sep 11

We are opened on Sundays!

Looking For Medical Centre In Wollongong On Sundays? Bellambi Medical Centre Is The One!

It is hard to find a medical centre opened on Sundays for checkups and medical needs. If you are located in Wollongong and surrounding areas, yo...

Jul 12

Medical Centre Wollongong: All You Need To Know About Common Cold

Common cold is caused by viruses. Out of all the types of viruses that cause it, human rhinovirus is the most common type causing cold in humans. Cold caused by all or most viruses have the same symptoms and they use similar mechanisms to infec...

May 26

We are proud to announce our new Medical Centre!

Best medical practice in Wollongong

In recent years partnership working has gained its popularity in several industries, and health and social care are one of them. The spotlight on partnership working has been incre...

Apr 07

Know your Health Provider

Guidelines for choosing best health care services

Being healthy is more important to lead a peaceful and successful life. Unfortunately many people get exposed to different types of health issues in their day...

Mar 14

Allergy: Myths and Truths

False Perception - Mismanagement

Whether you suffer from seasonal sneezes or a food allergy, odds are you’ve heard a lot of myths about what having an allergy really means.

1. Feel the sniffles coming on? Just gra...

Feb 14

Proven methods to bypass fear of Acupuncture Treatment

So.. Acupuncture huh?

It is very interesting that the number one reason people see a healthcare provider is because of pain. Chronic pain affects millions of people around Australia, affected by heart disease, cancer, and diabetes ...