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Wound Care

There are number of wounds that can damage the skin like serious injuries, punctures and penetrating wounds. Some wounds are superficial so they require first aid including cleansing and dressing but some are deeper wounds and they require medical treatment to prevent infection and damage to bones,muscles,tendon and nerves. Medical care of wound will prevent complications and preserve function.

In latest research of wound management Bellambi Medical Centre has wound care dressings which are effective in wound healing. To treat moist healing they use Hydrocolloid Dressing which helps in formation of granulation tissues and it is available in various shapes and size. Wound Care of larger and deeper wounds is very important. If wound is big and dirtier then it needs more care. That is why doctors and experienced nurses work together to treat this kind of wound. They provide all wound care products to doctors and medical practitioners.

The wound management nurse practitioner is available to coordinate wound management for patients of Bellambi Medical Centre who have acute or chronic wounds.

On request, the wound management nurse practitioner will:

• assess the patient’s wound, and initiate an appropriate treatment plan

• refer to appropriate medical officer for further assessment if required

• provide patient education to promote understanding and participation in wound healing outcomes

• assist with discharge planning to ensure support for wound management

• provide follow up in the Bellambi Medical Centre